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Germany Federal Court: Genetic Engineering Act is Constitutional

November 26, 2010

State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Dr. Robert Kloos welcomed the decision of the First Division of the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe that the Genetic Engineering Act is constitutional. "The German Genetic Engineering Act is issued to protect human health and the environment while ensuring responsible and customized use of genetic engineering technology," Kloos said after the decision.

Under the rule, there will be a site register for the exact location of areas for the release of genetically modified organisms to enable an improved environmental monitoring of the release as well as to ensure transparency and adherence to the co-existence law. In addition, the rules on claims will ensure that farmers who suffered due to unintended presence of GMOs and its products will be compensated.

"The safety of the people and the environment takes precedence over all economic considerations in the use of biotechnology. Biotechnology has important future applications not only in research but also in the industry and agriculture. With these opportunities comes responsibility when the products are eventually commercialized. The federal government has committed itself in the coalition agreement to develop the basis of the existing law, the genetic engineering regulations on agricultural biotechnology. We will do it, "said Secretary of State Kloos.

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