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Embrapa Launches WebAgritec System for Agriculture

November 26, 2010

The Embrapa Information Technology has launched an internet based tool for agricultural workers called WebAgritec during its anniversary celebration recently. WebAgritec contains seven modules that provide an overview of the production system in a multi media forum in Brazil.

To assist various agricultural workers in decision making and reducing agricultural production risks, this tool provides information on seasons most favorable to planting, most appropriate cultivars, fertilization and liming schemes based on soil analysis, forecasts and trends of climatic conditions for 15 days, and diseases and nutritional problems that may arise during the season.

The system is designed to be used anywhere that has Internet access and is a support tool for producers and professionals from public and private agricultural extension, representatives of cooperatives or individual professionals, and can be used as agents for technical assistance and rural extension.

The complete news can be seen in Portuguese at