Biotech Updates

Syngenta Opens New Agri-biotech R&D Facility in Singapore

October 15, 2010

Syngenta Asia Pacific has launched its new research and development (R&D) facility in Singapore. The Kendall laboratory contains molecular marker and formulation development laboratories which will be used to support the development of agriculture around the Asia Pacific and aid in attaining sustainable food security.

"The Asia Pacific region is expected to have an additional billion mouths to feed by 2030 and with limited natural resources, new technology in agriculture is necessary to help farmers grow more with less," said Peter Pickering, the Region Head of Syngenta's Seeds business in the Asia Pacific. "Syngenta's Kendall R&D laboratories will support our research network around the region and allow us to bring better technology to Asian farmers as they work to provide greater food security across the region."

Syngenta's Molecular Marker Laboratory will help researchers to come up with better crop varieties in shorter periods of time. The laboratory identifies DNA markers in plants that are linked to their desirable traits and will be used in marker assisted breeding (MAB). Through MAB, the time for breeding better crops will be shortened by half compared to conventional breeding techniques.

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