Biotech Updates

EC-JRC Summary Notification on GM Field Trials in Czech Republic

October 15, 2010

The European Commission-Joint Research Commission has announced the application of the Czech Republic on behalf of KWS SAAT AG and Reparsky Institut, spol.s.r.o. to conduct a field trial of glyphosate tolerant H7-1 sugar beets. The field trial will be conducted in three 500 m2 of land per site per year in Bylany (region of Pardubicky) and Straskov (region of Ustecky).

The field trial is aimed to evaluate the genetically modified sugar beet in terms of plant pest resistance, tolerance to abiotic stresses, germination and agronomic characteristics, efficiency of different weed control systems, as well as assessment of the selectivity, efficacy and residue studies for herbicide registration, compositional analysis and evaluation of leaves and beets, and processing quality of the beets.

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