Biotech Updates

Monsanto Corn Technology Combinations Receive EU Regulatory Approval

July 30, 2010

On 28 July 2010, Monsanto Company received the European Union authorization of two corn technology combinations-Genuity VT Double PRO (MON 89034 X NK603) and YieldGard VT Triple (MON 88017 X MON810). The authorization includes import, processing and food and feed use of grain and processed products. The final step in the approval process is the publication of the decision by the European Commission.

"We welcome the Commission's decision to follow the independent scientific advice of the European Food Safety Authority," noted Jerry Hjelle, Global Regulatory Lead. "Farmers use these and other technologies to help improve the productivity of their farms and raise grain in a more sustainable way that uses fewer pesticides. These authorizations will also enable shipment of grain and its derivatives from these products for use as feed ingredients by European livestock industry."

The import permissions for Genuity VT Double PRO and YieldGard VT Triple have been obtained in all key countries that import corn from the U.S.

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