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Peru Conference on AgroBiotech Advances

July 23, 2010

The Conference on "Advances, Present Situation and Future of AgroBiotechnology" was held in Lima, Peru on July 15th at Hotel Country Club. It was inaugurated by Dr. Augusto Mellado, President of the Peruvian National Council of Reseach, Development and Innovation (CONCYTEC) and was closed by Ing. Cesar Paredes, Chief of the National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA) in representation of the Ministry of Agriculture. Conferences and presentations at this event were made by Dr. Clive James, chair and founder of  ISAAA on "Biotech Crops/GM-1996 to 2009: Adoption, Impact, and Future Prospects",  Dr. Alejandro Monteagudo, Advisor to AgroBioMexico on "The Experience of Mexico with AgroBiotechnology", and Dr. Alexander Grobman of PeruBiotec on "Progress and Future of AgroBiotechnology". Exchanges of questions, answers and comments took place with the public attending the Conference, made up of scientists, biotech regulators, advisers to Congressmen, businessmen, and professionals from the public and private sectors.

The speakers at the Conference were invited next day to an audience at the Agricultural Committtee of the Peruvian National Congress where they presented their points of view and experiences on agricutural biotechnology. They also visited the International Potato Center at La Molina and met with the Deputy Director, who had also attended the Conference.

The Conference was organized by the Peruvian Association for the Development of Biotechnology (PeruBiotec) and was sponsored by ISAAA, AgroBio (Colombia) and AgroBioMexico.

For more information about the conference email Dr. Alexander Grobman at