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CFIA Decision: Sygenta GM Corn Event MIR162 Safe for Feed and Environment

July 23, 2010

GM corn event MIR162 of Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc., which carries resistance genes to certain lepidopteran insects was determined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently, to be safe to the environment and safe as feed when compared to currently commercialized corn varieties in Canada.

In February 11, 2010, the line has been approved for unconfined release into the environment and for use as livestock feed by the Plant Biosafety Office of the Plant Health Directorate. Corn lines derived from event MIR162 may also be released into the environment and used as livestock provided that (i) no inter-specific crosses are performed, (ii) the intended uses are similar, (iii) it is known based on characterization, that these plants do not display any additional novel traits and are substantially equivalent to currently grown corn varieties in Canada, in terms of their potential environmental impact and livestock feed safety, and (iv) the novel genes are expressed at a level similar to that of the authorized line.

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