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IPM Implementation: Ask the Experts

July 23, 2010

ENDURE, the Network of Experts on Integrated Pest Management, launched in January 2009 has recently outlined its accomplishments and services in a news release published in its website. ENDURE has a network of experts in a wide array of expertise and is making its mark in the IPM implementation across the continent.

The experts offers live advice, are available in short notice and neatly complementing the body of information available in their website. The experts can tackle requests relating to IPM implementation from scientific, policy-making as well as technical support for the practical implementation of IPM. They also cater to various potential clients and requests including the EU-level clients, national authorities overseeing the implementation of the Framework Directive, national level advisory services and the NGOs.

The news release also presented ENDURE's one year accomplishments from June 2009 to June 2010. To avail of their services, contact Marco Barzman at

Details of the news release can be viewed at