Biotech Updates

High Oleic Soybean Oil Projected for 2012 Release

May 7, 2010

Soybean oil with higher levels of oleic acid is healthier because it eliminates the need for hydrogenation which creates trans fat. Pioneer Hi-Bred hopes to make this product available to consumers as Plenish™ in 2012. The biotech crop also has a 20 percent reduction in saturated fat over commodity soybean oil.

Plenish™is expected to receive U.S. regulatory approval late this year, undergo oil tests and field trials in 2011, and eventual commercialization in 2012. "Improving the quality of the oil is only half the challenge. We also have to develop high oleic varieties that yield as well as conventional soybeans so growers will want to grow them," said research scientist Susan Knowlton. "We are very pleased with what we've seen thus far for oil quality and yields in field tests."

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