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Implications for Climate Change in Africa

May 7, 2010

Climate change manifested by higher temperatures and unpredictable weather reduces crop yields – thus significantly reversing efforts in reducing poverty and food security in Africa. This was forwarded in a paper presented at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 26th Regional Conference for Africa in Luanda, Angola.

In Climate Change Implications for Food Security and Natural Resources Management in Africa, it notes, among others, that climate change will affect poorer countries disproportionately, and accelerate the rapid depletion of natural resources and the genetic erosion of indigenous germplasm. The paper suggests implementing development policies that target vulnerable groups that supports collection action and social networks; promoting and protecting traditional and local food and agriculture knowledge in dealing with food insecurity; and evolving adaptation and mitigation strategies at national and local levels in line with identified priorities.

The FAO press release is at  The full paper can be downloaded at