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Camelina Jet Biofuel in US Navy Certification Tests

September 11, 2009

The seed oils from the camelina plant (related information below) have been identified as a potential "second generation" biodiesel feedstock because of its non-food nature and requires low agricultural inputs for cultivation. The United States Navy is reported to include camelina in its certification testing program for alternative fuels. The Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) has commissioned a biofuel company, Sustainable Oils, to supply 40,000 gallons of camelina-based jet fuel needed for the certification testing. The Domestic Fuel website mentions that, "Camelina was selected by the DESC because it does not compete with food crops, has been proven to reduce carbon emissions by more than 80 percent, and has already been successfully tested in a commercial airline test flight. In addition, camelina has a naturally high oil content, is drought tolerant and requires less fertilizer and herbicides. It is an excellent rotation crop with wheat, and it can also grow on marginal land".

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