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UK Supermarkets Can Hardly Avoid GM Food Products

September 11, 2009

In the United Kingdom large supermarket chains have voiced out complaints to government officials that they cannot not get enough raw materials available in the world market that have been produced without the aid of gene technology. A report entitled "Supermarkets pave the way for market entry of GM food" published in the British daily Telegraph revealed that there is already a mounting supply problem for vegetable oils and fats because most of these come from soybeans which are mostly GM. Available non-GM raw materials are already in decline leading to a price hike. 

The British association of wholesalers however declared that food products will continue to be manufactured using non-GM raw materials even with the relaxed attitude of the British consumers over GM food. A current assessment by the British Food Standards Agency showed that only four percent of interviewees are worried about GM food products, the lowest since 2003. 

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