Biotech Updates

Monsanto and Twistdx Partnership for Rapid Diagnostic Tests of Biotech Crops

August 7, 2009

A partnership with Monsanto and TwistDx will make possible the development of a nucleic acid diagnostic kit that will enhance the efficiency of biotech crop delivery across the globe. The companies are using the TwistDx's proprietary Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) technology that enables tests to produce results faster than other DNA detection tests at a high level of specificity and sensitivity. 

 "We believe RPA-based test systems represent an advanced evolution of DNA diagnostics, because they are faster and more accurate and tests can be performed without the need for trained technicians. We believe it will ultimately lead to additional cutting-edge applications in medicine, biosecurity and agriculture," said Dr. Niall Armes, CEO, TwistDx. On the other hand, David Fischhoff, technology strategy and development lead for Monsanto said that, "TwistDx's RPA technology represents a step-change in our ability to accurately and rapidly identify biotech products in field settings. Such tests could enhance our ability to develop and support products that help farmers increase yields by producing accurate results with minimum delays."

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