Biotech Updates

Impact Assessment of Herbicide Resistant Rice in the Sahel

August 7, 2009

Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in the Senegal River Valley (SRV), could gain substantially from herbicide resistance technologies, provided that they have access to them. This is the conclusion of an ex ante analysis published by the journal Crop Protection. Matty Demont and colleagues from the African Rice Center (WARDA) and the Senegalese Institute for Agricultural Research (ISRA) estimated the total value of herbicide tolerant rice in SRV at €22 to €26 (US$36 to $43) per hectare, of which farmers would capture €16 (US$26) per hectare, or two-thirds, and the agro-industry would absorb €6 to €10 (US$10 to $17) per hectare. The researchers noted that the "profits for the agro-industry are marginal, owing to farmers' access to subsidized chemicals and relatively cheap weeding labor."

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