Biotech Updates

EFSA to Re-evaluate GM Maize MON810

August 7, 2009

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will invite stakeholders in September 2009 to review a report on its scientific opinion concerning applications submitted for the renewal of the existing authorization for genetically modified (GM) maize MON810 in the European Union.

In reaction to comments earlier forwarded by civil society groups, EFSA forwarded the following points:

  • The GMO Panel is confident that it has considered relevant scientific studies.
  • It neither plays down nor ignores research and concluded that the likelihood of adverse effects of the cultivation of MON810 on non-target organisms, such as butterflies and other insects, is very low.
  • All proteins either present in MON810 or found to be theoretically possible have been investigated and the Panel said they would not raise a safety concern.

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