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Gene-edited Crops: Enabling Future Commercialisation and Trade

March 22, 2023

Murdoch University, ISAAA Inc., and partners aim to assist both small and large-scale exporters in understanding the potential of gene editing for crop improvement, and the issues related to trade in gene-edited produce. Thus, a two-day international meeting titled International Conference on Gene-edited Crops: Enabling Future Commercialisation and International Trade is being organised on April 26-27, 2023 at The Shine Dome, ACT, Australia.

The conference will tackle the following topics:

  • latest scientific advances in gene editing technologies
  • product landscape of gene-edited crops in Australia 
  • current regulatory status of gene-edited crops and foods in Australia, in the Asia-Pacific region, and worldwide
  • updates on intellectual property aspects of gene editing 
  • key findings of Australia's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) project and major messages for the future commercialisation of gene-edited crops in Australia and its trading partners 
  • science diplomacy landscape of agri-biotechnology – national and international processes 

Roundtable discussions will be conducted featuring key stakeholders on regulatory and policy considerations for gene editing in agriculture (resulting in an outcome document). The discussions will cover the state of play of gene-edited crop regulation, existing trade and non-trade barriers, and the pathway of regulatory alignment/harmonisation. This discussion will provide a valuable document to advise diplomats on science-policy matters and regulatory stakeholders to help advance regulatory alignment.

The conference is open to scientists, farming peak bodies, R&D corporations, diplomats, international organisations, crop breeding companies, the food industry, investors, regulatory organisations, IP specialists, Commonwealth Government Department stakeholders, and trade-related bodies.

The earlybird fee (until March 31 only) for regular participants is 100 AUD per day (additional service charges may apply) inclusive of access to the conference, meals, and conference kit (speakers' decks). Starting April 1, regular participants will be charged 150 AUD. PhD students are entitled to a 50% discount. The workshop is also open to online participants outside Australia. The Zoom link to the conference will be given upon registration.

The registration portal is now open for interested participants onsite and online. For inquiries, contact Prof. Michael Jones at or +61 (0)414238428. Download the flyer for more details.

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