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AI Helps Generate Protein-based Fat Alternative

March 22, 2023

OleoPro™ protein-based fat alternative. Photo from Shiru.

A startup company based in the United States launched its first commercial product – a novel plant protein-based fat ingredient with improved nutritional value and reduced environmental impact compared to conventional fats used by most kitchens around the world.

OleoPro™ delivers a 90% saturated fat reduction while enhancing the technical performance in alternative meats. It looks and behaves like traditional animal fat – it holds its shape at room temperature, browns when cooked, and is self-standing. Its production process is also not as harmful to the environment as how palm and coconut oils are made.

The protein-based fat is made using a patented technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to rapidly generate unique protein insights and identify naturally found novel ingredients. This novel process of combining plant proteins and unsaturated plant-based oil is both functional and scalable. The result is a healthier fat alternative with improved taste performance.

The company that produces OleoPro™ is also venturing into plant-based dairy and personal care products.

To learn more, read the press release about OleoPro™.

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