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Report Explores Future Applications of Genomic Science

February 2, 2022

The UK Government Office for Science released a report on the future uses and considerations of genomic science. The report, titled Genomics Beyond Healthcare, examines how the genome can provide insights into people's characteristics and behaviors and investigate how research on the DNA code presents both benefits and challenges to society.

"Since we launched the UK Genomics Healthcare program in 2011, the UK has grown into a global powerhouse in genomic healthcare, from diagnostics to drugs and vaccines. But this is just the start of the genomic revolution. As this timely report shows, our growing understanding of the genetic code of life opens up exciting new opportunities from drought and disease resistant crops to harnessing cells or factories, and new net zero biofuels and marine agriculture. To unlock these opportunities, we need to lead in both the science and the ethics and reputation for consumer confidence and public support," said George Freeman, Minister for Science, Research, and Innovation.

The use of genomics technology can raise socio-ethical questions, but by tackling the issues now, the public can start getting the right information and make informed decisions in the future.

Read the press release in GOV.UK.

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