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Protocol Reveals How to Generate Clonal Seeds from Hybrid Rice with CRISPR-Cas9

August 4, 2021

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences researchers outline the methods for generating clonal seeds from hybrid rice with CRISPR-Cas9 in the book titled CRISPR-Cas Methods.

The use of heterosis in rice production has significantly improved yield. However, hybrid vigor cannot be preserved in the offspring because of genetic segregation. Simultaneous editing of REC8, PAIR1, and OSD1 genes turns meiosis into mitosis and eventually produces clonal gametes, while knockout of the MTL gene leads to maternal haploid seeds development. Genome editing of all these four genes in hybrid rice simultaneously could fix the heterozygosity and obtain clonal seeds from hybrid rice. The protocol provides a detailed technique for generating clonal seeds from hybrid rice by using the multiplex CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

Read the protocol in Springerlink.

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