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Science-based Ag-biotech Curriculum Developed for Middle, High School Students in the US

March 3, 2021

Middle and high school students across the US can now learn about plant genetic engineering through an interactive, supplementary curriculum co-designed by teachers and regulators.

The curriculum was developed to help students learn about food agriculture and the uses of biotechnology in the food supply. US teachers who are experts in agriculture, biology, environmental science, technology, and other related fields teamed up with the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency to design the curriculum. The team also made sure that it is science-based and that it meets the country's current education standards.

The curriculum aims to introduce agricultural concepts of crop characteristics, planning, and selection to students. It involves in-depth activities and school-appropriate laboratory work to demonstrate how selective breeding and genetic engineering are used to obtain the desired agricultural plant traits. The activities will also demonstrate how science and technology are used to improve the US food supply through hands-on examples for students. This way, the students will be able to appreciate the technology and understand why farmers choose particular crop varieties to address environmental challenges, the value of food safety evaluation, and recognize new food labeling guidelines. Through the experience, the students are expected to learn to make informed choices about foods.

Read the news release from the FDA and their list of related materials to find out more.

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