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Biotech Research Perceived With Caution Globally, but Most Support Gene Editing for Therapeutics

December 16, 2020

The global publics take a cautious stance towards scientific research on gene editing but draw distinctions for specific applications such as therapeutic use. This is according to the results of the International Science Survey conducted by Pew Research Center from October 2019 to March 2020.

The report is focused on the public perceptions of biotechnology, evolution, and the relationship between science and religion. The study was conducted amidst the fast development in biotechnology, particularly gene editing technology. About 63% (median) of the 20-public respondents say that gene editing is a misuse of technology. However, when asked about the use of technology to address serious diseases in infants, the majority said that the use of technology would be appropriate.

Furthermore, public opinions about the emerging applications of biotechnology are mixed. The majority of the publics surveyed expressed caution about the conduct of scientific research on gene editing and animal cloning. The respondents are generally in favor of gene editing applications in humans to reduce the risk of future health problems from occurring.

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