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Give a Gift of Knowledge

December 16, 2020

Dear CBU Subscriber,
Festive greetings to all from ISAAA.
The pandemic and reduced funding did not stop ISAAA from doing what we do best to ensure the world is fed with the knowledge to make informed decisions on agri-biotechnology. In fact, ISAAA stepped up to support the management of the global health crisis by being a credible information source for COVID-19. We covered a wide array of topics including health and medical information to food systems that were badly disrupted during the pandemic. We quickly redesigned our outreach programs and served our stakeholders through a series of webinars that tackled gene editing and animal biotechnology that reached more than 60,000 participants from various sectors.

In Africa, years of ISAAA's efforts yielded fruits with more countries adopting biotech crops. African countries are also adding new biotech crops into the global food basket. In 2020, we started the first short course on biosciences for African stakeholders and continued offering it in Asia for the third year in a row.

We want to do more. Support us with a festive gift through your generous donation. Any amount is valuable to us and will go a long way in ensuring technology is made accessible for the benefit of not just farmers but millions who are impoverished and malnourished. With your help, we can also support women and youth empowerment and ensure farming does not erode our planet. Support our aspiration to widen our reach in knowledge sharing.


Mahaletchumy Arujanan, PhD
ISAAA Global Coordinator