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Paraguay Simplifies Procedures in the Approval of GE Crops

October 7, 2020

Paraguay presents a simplified approval procedure for biotech events that have been assessed by sound and experienced regulatory systems. The details of Paraguay's journey towards this simplification of procedures are published in the Frontiers of Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

According to the publication, the regulation of agricultural biotechnology started in Paraguay in 1997. To keep up with the development of technologies, the regulatory framework was revised in 2012. The Paraguayan Ministry of Agriculture joined the Partnership for Biosafety Risk Assessment and Regulation, led by the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute (previously called ILSI Research Foundation), as part of the changes in the framework. This step led to the implementation of the problem formulation approach to environmental risk assessment, which further improved efficiency, and more timely decisions were made. In 2019, Paraguay implemented a simplified approval procedure for events, setting a model for other countries regulating GE crops.

Download the publication from the Agriculture and Food Systems Insitute.

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