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Myanmar Scientists, Academics Step Up for Biotechnology Information Portal Launch

September 30, 2020

Around 30 scientists, researchers, and technical workers from Myanmar participated in a virtual science communication workshop to enhance their capabilities in reporting science-based information intended for the Myanmar public. The participants will soon be tasked to continuously provide scientific updates and communication initiatives for Myanmar's Biotechnology Information Portal.

The workshop is collaboratively organized by ISAAA, the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar's Plant Biotech Center, and the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service with contributions from the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Center. During the workshop, the participants are set to learn how to popularize science news and make it more interesting to the general public. Topics such as how to create science-based content for posting on different social media platforms, basic photography, and how to effectively design science-based presentations are also included in the program.

The participants are expected to apply what they learned for the workshop by providing content and materials to the Biotechnology Information Portal, which will be an instrument in highlighting Myanmar's acceptance and continuous adoption of biotechnology. The portal will also serve as support to the country's development of its National Biosafety Framework and become a gateway for the Myanmar public to easily access local and international information regarding biosafety and biotechnology.

Read more about the workshop in ISAAA Science Speaks Blog.

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