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Researchers Overexpressed Transcription Factors to Improve Cotton Lint Yield

September 30, 2020

Overexpression of transcription factors involved in fiber initiation led to enhancement in cotton lint yield under field conditions, according to a study conducted by researchers from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

Only a few transcription factors regulating cells of the ovule epidermis differentiate into lint fibers that have been identified in cotton. Thus, the researchers investigated the impact on lint yield and fiber quality of overexpressing three transcription factors in cotton (GhHD-1, GhMYB25 and GhMYB25Like) and their double and triple combinations. The findings showed that of 64 transgenic lines tested, seven were high-yielding, which all came from the sets with single and double overexpressed transcription factor combinations. Triple combinations led to yield reduction. Furthermore, overexpression of transcription factors singly or in combination did not significantly improve fiber length and strength, but sometimes increased fiber micronaire.

Read the research article in Transgenic Research.

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