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FSANZ Calls for Comments on Food Derived from GM Corn DP202216

August 12, 2020

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for comment on an application made by Dow AgroSciences Australia Pty Ltd to allow the use of corn line DP202216 as a new food produced using gene technology to be sold in Australia and New Zealand. The corn line DP202216 has been genetically modified to increase yield and be resistant to the herbicide glufosinate.

FSANZ CEO Mark Booth said, "When assessing any Applications to allow new foods or ingredients to be sold in Australia and New Zealand, the safety and health of consumers is at the center of our decision-making process." He added that FSANZ undertook a comprehensive safety assessment that looked at the intended and unintended changes to the food, including potential toxicity and allergenicity of any new proteins. "We found that corn derived from this GM line is as safe as traditional non-GM corn," Mr. Booth said.

If approved, this variety of GM corn is intended to be used in products such as starch, oil, and high fructose corn syrup (sweeteners). Any foods made from this product must be labeled as ‘genetically modified' where novel DNA and/or protein is present in the final food.

Submissions close at 6 pm (Canberra time) on September 17, 2020.​​ To have your say, visit the FSANZ call for the comment page.

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