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Australian OGTR Seeks Comment on GM Blue Carnations

February 12, 2020

Australia's Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) received an application from the International Flower Developments Pty Ltd (IFD) to include dealings with GM blue carnations on the GMO Register. Approval of OGTR would mean that it will not be necessary for people undertaking dealings with the GM blue carnations to hold or be covered by a GMO license.

In 2015, OGTR allowed the commercial release of GM blue carnation, which also paved the way for import, transport, and disposal of cut flowers within Australia. In the new application, IFD seeks the same dealings to be included in the GMO Register. Inclusion on the GMO Register occurs by way of legislative instrument made by the Regulator under section 78 of the Gene Technology Act 2000. To get such approval, OGTR must be satisfied that any risks posed by the dealings are minimal and sufficiently safe to be undertaken by anyone without a need for license. Thus, the OGTR is inviting the public to submit writeups relevant to risks to human health and safety and the environment that may be posed by dealings with GM blue carnations. Submissions will be accepted until March 25, 2020.

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