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Research Presents 5-Course 'Menu of Solutions' to Feed the World's 10 Billion by 2050

July 24, 2019

The World Resources Institute has released the complete findings that underpin the synthesis of Creating a Sustainable Food Future, which was released in December 2018 at COP24 in Poland. The research presents a 5-course "menu of solutions" to help achieve a sustainable food future.

To meet this challenge, The World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future suggests closing gaps in food, land, and greenhouse gas mitigation. To close these gaps, significant adjustments in food production, as well as consumption must be done.

In partnership with the World Bank, UN Environment, UN Development Programme, and the French agricultural research agencies CIRAD and INRA, the report outlines a menu of solutions to overhaul the way the world produces and consumes food to ensure a sustainable food system by 2050:

  1. Reduce growth in demand by cutting food loss and waste, eating healthier diets, and more;
  2. Increase food production without expanding agricultural land area via yield gains for both crops and livestock;
  3. Protect and restore natural ecosystems by reducing deforestation, restoring peatlands, and linking yield gains with ecosystem conservation;
  4. Increase fish supply by improving aquaculture systems and better managing wild fisheries; and
  5. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production through innovative technologies and farming methods.

For more details, or to download the report, visit the World Resources Institute website.

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