Biotech Updates

Argentina Approves Fifth GM Cotton Trait

June 26, 2019

Argentina's Minister of AgroIndustry Luis Miguel Etechevehere and Christian Monty, Head of Global Cotton from BASF have announced the release of a new GMO trait for cotton that provides herbicide and insect resistance.

The new release is the fifth trait approved for cotton in Argentina after Bt (1998), Roundup Ready (2001), RRBt (2009), glyphosate and glufosinate (2009), and glyphosate and HPPD inhibitors (2019). It is based on the stack of previous traits with the commercial name GlyTol TwinLink Plus and will be commercialized by BASF.

Gustavo Portis, CEO of BASF in Argentina said that farmers need technology to enhance their production without affecting the scarce natural resources. He added that the new technologies will bring cotton farmers in Argentina's Chaco and Santiago del Estero provinces the opportunity to come back to plant cotton with high quality.

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