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Evaluation of Biochemical Parameters and Drought Resistance in ZmDREB2A Maize

June 26, 2019

DREB transcription factor group is related to responses of plants to abiotic stresses including drought. In a study conducted by Vietnamese scientists, the ZmDREB2A transgenic maize lines at the seedling stage were evaluated for drought resistance and biochemical characteristics. 

Results showed that the survival rate of ZmDREB2A lines were 2.5 times higher than wild type plants in artificial drought tests. Morphological characteristics also showed the root length of ZmDREB2A lines were 21-28% higher than that of control groups, which indicates ZmDREB2A lines could suffer drought better. Moreover, the chlorophyll concentration of ZmDREB2A lines was 10% higher than the wild type in drought condition. Other parameters such as proline and nonstructural carbohydrate accumulation of the transgenic lines were higher as compared to control groups.

For more information, read the e-paper in Vietnamese from Khoa Hoc Vacong Nghe Vietnam.