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Haplotype Analysis of Rice Genes Helps Development of Tailor-made Rice with Improved Genetic Gains

February 13, 2019

Many rice genes involved in the expression of major traits have been reported, however, their superior haplotype combinations for development of ideal variety remains elusive. Thus, Ragavendran Abbai and colleagues at the International Rice Research Institute conducted haplotype analysis of 120 previously characterized genes governing grain yield and grain quality traits in rice utilizing 3K RG panel. The results of their study are published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal.

The findings indicated that about 92 of the 120 analyzed genes had haplotypes ranging from 2 to 15, while the remaining 28 genes had only one haplotype in the 3K RG panel. Candidate gene based association study of 120 genes showed that a total 21 of these previously cloned genes were strongly associated with the target grain yield and quality traits. The effect of identified haplotypes for these 21 genes affecting 10 major traits (plant height, number of tillers, days to flowering, panicle length, primary branch numbers per panicle, grain yield, grain size, grain amylose content, grain iron and zinc concentration) were validated in the subset of the 3K RG panel across two crop seasons. The study also revealed superior performance of some of the haplotypes of the studied genes over others.

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