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NRGene and Toyota Decode Strawberry Genome to Develop Better Varieties

January 16, 2019

NRGene and Toyota decoded the genome of a commercial strawberry, which is an important milestone in the development of high-quality, locally-produced fruits for the Japanese market. NRGene's assembly of the strawberry genome, together with Toyota's GRAS-Di DNA analysis technology, is expected to boost the development of better strawberries for the Japanese market.

According to NRGene, strawberries was one of the most complex genome assembled using their DeNovoMAGIC 3.0 genomic big-data artificial intelligence (AI) tool, as they have two copies of every gene.

Toyota, known for its business of making cars, has been involved in enriching communities through initiatives that positively impact the environment since 1999. Aside from the strawberry genome analysis, Toyota was also involved in the identification of disease-resistant sugarcane genes, and they intend to continue pursuing projects with NRGene that further support the development of the agricultural industry.

Read the press release from NRGene.