Biotech Updates

Improved Crops Can Double Agricultural Production in Europe

January 16, 2019

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is working within the CropBooster-P EU project on a roadmap to make agricultural crops future-proof. The CropBooster-P EU project will develop a pathway to sustainably double Europe's crop yields by 2050 and prepare these crops for the needs and the future climate of Europe. These crops should have higher yields, optimal use of water and minerals, and the highest possible nutritional value and quality.

According to WUR's René Klein Lankhorst, doubling crop yield of European agriculture by 2050 is feasible by optimizing photosynthesis. "The current agricultural crops now convert a surprisingly low percentage of sunlight into plant biomass; some 0.5 to 1%. Doubling the percentage to 1 to 2% is all we need and this has already been scientifically proven to be possible." Lankhorst adds that improved crops will also have to use water and minerals such as nitrogen and phosphorus very efficiently.

For more details about CropBooster-P EU, read the news article from WUR.