Biotech Updates

EFSA: GM Maize (MON 89034x1507xMON 88017x59122xDAS-40278-9) and Soybean (A2704-12) are Safe for Release

January 16, 2019

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released scientific opinions on the assessment of GM maize (MON 89034x1507xMON 88017x59122xDAS-40278-9) and soybean (A2704-12) concluding that both are safe for release.

The five-event stack GM maize and their subcombinations were subjected to molecular characterization, comparative analysis (agronomic, phenotypic and compositional characteristics) and toxicological, allergenicity, and nutritional assessments, and found that the GM maize does not give rise to food and feed safety and nutritional concerns. It was proven to be as safe and nutritionally equivalent to its non-GM counterparts.

The herbicide tolerant soybean (A2704-12), which was submitted for renewal of authorization, was evaluated based on post-market environmental monitoring reports, a systematic search and evaluation of literature, updated bioinformatic analyses, and additional documents or studies performed by or on behalf of the applicant. Based on the results, EFSA concluded that there are no new hazards, modified exposure or scientific uncertainties that would change the conclusions of the original risk assessment on the GM soybean.

Read the EFSA scientific opinions of GM maize and GM soybean for more details.