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Study Shows Positive Impact of Bt Cotton Adoption Among Farmers in Pakistan

November 28, 2018

International Food Policy Research Insitute's David Orden and University of Guelph's Karl Meilke conducted a study to determine the impact of Bt cotton adoption on the well-being of cotton farmers in Pakistan.

The researchers used propensity score matching method and found that Bt cotton adoption has positive impacts on the well-being of the farmers. However, the extend of impacts depends on the agro-climatic conditions and farm size. For instance, the impact of Bt cotton adoption on yield for small farmers is about is about 50 percent of the same for large farmers. Furthermore, the impact of Bt cotton adoption on household income was positive and significant for medium and large farmers, but not for small farmers. The impacts of Bt cotton on yield and income are larger under hot and humid conditions compared to those under hot and dry climatic conditions.

Read more results from the International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics.