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Survey Reveals UK Public Favors GM Crops

September 26, 2018

The UK public is well-informed and favors science and technology, however the politicians are ignoring their hopes and fears. This is according to the results of the 2018 New Scientist survey of public attitudes to science, technology, medicine, and environment.

The survey was conducted online by Sapio Research in August 2018 to a representative sample of 2,026 UK adults. Results showed that the top issues that are of interest of the public are genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, cancer, and climate change. They said that these topics "most likely to have an impact on society and human life." Furthermore, the survey revealed that majority (69%) are in favor of genetically modified (GM) crops, stating that they could help feed the world. A big percentage (80%) also believe that genetic engineering could help cure or eradicate diseases.

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