Biotech Updates

Australian OGTR Approves Commercial Release of GM Safflower

July 4, 2018

Australia's Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has issued license DIR 158, authorizing the commercial release of safflower genetically modified (GM) for high oleic acid composition.

The GM safflower will be released throughout Australia. The GM safflower and products derived from it may enter general commerce, for use in industrial oil production and animal feed. The GM safflower will not be used in human food.

Both the risk assessment and risk management plan (RARMP) and the license were finalized after taking into account inputs received during consultation with the public, State and Territory governments, Australian Government agencies, the Minister for the Environment, the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee and local councils.

The RARMP, its summary, the License, and Questions and Answers about this decision are available online from the DIR 158 page of the OGTR.