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Spanish Scientists Find Crop Genes to Adapt to Climate Change

May 23, 2018

Researchers from Spain have identified the crop wild relatives (CWR) that could be used as gene sources to develop new varieties that are adapted to climate change.

The study, published in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, has a list of 929 wild plants related to 203 crops of interest in the country, with the aim of identifying "the genes needed by the Spanish agriculture". The study presents a prioritized checklist of CWR in Spain in which the criteria of crossability with crops of economic importance, endemicity, and threat status have been taken into account.

The crops were classified into use categories: food (24%), forage and fodder (32%), ornamental (28%), and industrial and other uses (16%), depending on their main use.

Read more about the study in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution.