Biotech Updates

Davao's Vegetable Council Backs Commercial Planting of Bt Eggplant in the Philippines

September 6, 2017

The Vegetable Industry Council of Southern Mindanao (Vicsmin) in the Philippines has expressed its full support for the commercial planting of Bt eggplant in the country. This came after Vicsmin officers and members signed a one-page manifesto of support during the roundtable discussion on Bt Eggplant held on September 4, 2017 in Davao City. Vicsmin, a non-profit organization that advocates policies beneficial to the vegetable industry in the region, has 40 active member institutions and 20 individual farmers.

After a thorough discussion with Dr. Lourdes D. Taylo, Bt eggplant study leader from the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos on the science, safety, and the potential actual benefits of modern biotechnology, Vicsmin in their one-page manifesto says: "We realize that Bt eggplant, which contains the gene similar to the insect-resistant Bt corn, can bring benefits to our communities such as higher yield and income, reduce chemical use, and improve environmental health. We believe that the Bt eggplant is a healthier and safer alternative solution against the relentless insect pest, the eggplant fruit and shoot borer (EFSB)."

Vicsmin President Gienovivo A. Cajes said, "If Bangladesh farmers are now planting Bt eggplant why can't we plant it here?"

For more information about agricultural biotechnology in the Philippines, visit the SEARCA Biotechnology Information website.