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ISAAA Infographic: 17 Years of Media Reportage on Modern Biotech in the Philippines

August 16, 2017

ISAAA released a new infographic on the results of the study titled Seventeen Years of Media Reportage of Modern Biotechnology in the Philippines conducted by ISAAA and SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center. The study analyzed the trends in modern biotechnology reporting in major Philippine newspapers including Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, and Philippine Daily Inquirer. Articles from Business Mirror released from 2010 to 2016 were also included in the study. The research concluded that over the 17-year period of reporting, the Philippine media has developed a matured editorial stance towards the technology as shown in the decline in the number of fear metaphors used, increase in the percentage of articles in positive tone, less frequent use of biotech critics as source of information, and more use of social progress message framing in the recent years.

Get a copy of the infographic from the ISAAA website. The research article is published in the Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Also available: From Fear to Facts: 17 Years of Agri-biotech Reporting in the Philippines.