Biotech Updates

New Method to Measure NPQ for Better Photosynthesis

August 16, 2017

Too much sunlight is not good for plants. A team of scientists are proposing a way to measure how plants prevent burning out from too much exposure to the sun.

The team from Michigan State University (MSU) led by Steffie Tietz from the lab of plant scientist David Kramer at the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, has developed a new method that measures non-photochemical quenching, or NPQ. This is a strategy that plants use to adjust to changes in their surroundings.

Measuring NPQ has been a problem for scientists as they can take hours to complete, and they can only measure one leaf at a time. Research shows that the speed at which plants adjust to changes in their surroundings is important to their health. The team is now working to find genes that control the speed of NPQ so they can create plants with faster response times.

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