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Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, NRGene Assemble Second Maize Reference Genome

January 11, 2017

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and NRGene, in collaboration with a global team of researchers have announced the accurate assembly of the W22 maize reference genome. According to the team, the second version of W22 has reached a scaffold N50 of 35.5 MB with less than 2% unfilled sequence gaps.

Dr. Kelly Dawe of the University of Georgia provided an independent assessment of the W22 genome map using next-generation mapping (NGM) with BioNano's Irys® system. The Irys optical mapping system produced a long-range map of the genome, which can be used to correct or enhance a genome sequence assembly.

Dr. Dawe said, "99.4% of the scaffolds were collinear with our BioNano genome map, indicating that NRGene's DeNovoMAGIC3.0 has generated a very high quality reference assembly." By combining the BioNano data with NRGene's assembly, Dr. Dawe was also able to improve the N50 scaffold size to 75 MB.

For more details, read the news releases from Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and NRGene.