Biotech Updates

TALENs-mediated Targeted DNA Insertion Approach for Potato

October 12, 2016

In terms of efficiency, targeted DNA integration is better than conventional means of genetic modification which usually results in random insertions. These specifically integrated transgenes are guaranteed to co-segregate, and expression levels are more predictable, thus, more manageable.

J.R. Simplot researchers, led by Adrienne Forsyth, now describe a method that integrates a TALEN-mediated induction of double strand breaks (DSBs) with a non-autonomous marker selection to insert a transgene into a selected, active region of the potato (Solanum tuberosum) genome

The TALEN was designed to create a DSB in the genome sequence following a constitutive promoter. The donor vector contained the gene of interest cassette and a promoter-less, plant-derived, herbicide resistance gene to act as the non-autonomous marker. Transformed potato events occurred with high frequency, with each of the resulting events consistently expressing the gene of interest.

For more information, read the article in Frontiers in Plant Science.