Biotech Updates

American Soybean Growers Urge US House, Senate to Support Biotech Education Funding

October 12, 2016

The American Soybean Association (ASA) and industry partners have urged the U.S. House and Senate Agriculture Appropriation to support a proposed $3 million funding to educate the public about biotechnology and agricultural production.

"We urge you to retain this provision throughout the legislative process and oppose any legislative action to restrict agricultural technology development, to hinder farmers' access to modern agricultural tools, or to malign advancements in plant and animal agricultural applications that are helping society meet current and future food production challenges," the groups state in a letter.

The groups reiterated that there is widespread misinformation about agriculture and biotechnology among the public, and education resources are vital to ensure growers access to the tools needed to sustainably and affordably do their jobs. They said that dedicated educational resources will ensure that key federal agencies responsible for the safety of the nation's food supply are able to more easily convey to the public science- and fact-based information about food.

To read the entire letter, visit the ASA website.