Biotech Updates

Food Safety Assessment of Cry8Ka5 Mutant Protein

April 22, 2015

Scientists have been looking at Cry8Ka5, a mutant protein from Bacillus thuringiensis, because of its promising efficacy against coleopterans such as boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis). Thus, Davi Felipe Farias of Federal University of Ceará and colleagues assessed the food safety of Cry8Ka5 protein with Cry1Ac protein used as control.

Results showed that Cry8Ka5 mutant protein had no similarity to allergenic proteins. It was also found that Cry8Ka5 was degraded in simulated gastric fluid. The LD50 for Cry8Ka5 and Cry1Ac was >5000 mg/kg body weight when administered by gavage in mice. Based on the results, the researchers concluded that there are no relevant risks associated with the consumption of Cry8Ka5 protein.

Read the abstract at Food and Chemical Toxicology journal.