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Scientists Tweak Poplar Tree Genes to Make them Grow Bigger, Quicker

April 22, 2015

Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered a way to make poplar trees grow bigger and faster than usual, to increase supplies of renewable resources and help trees cope with the effects of climate change.

The team manipulated two genes, called called PXY and CLE, which control the growth of a tree trunk. When overexpressed, the trees grew twice as fast as normal and were taller, wider and had more leaves.

Research leader Prof. Simon Turner said, "this discovery paves the way for generating trees that grow more quickly and so will contribute to meeting the needs for increased plant biomass as a renewable source of biofuels, chemicals and materials while minimizing further CO2 release into the atmosphere."

For more details about this research, read the news article at the University of Manchester website.