Biotech Updates

Kenya is Prepared to Regulate GM Crops Says Scientists

April 22, 2015

Kenya has biotech machinery, human capacity, and effective mechanism to regulate biotech crops, according to Kenya University Biotechnology Consortium Secretary General Joel Ochieng. Dr. Ochieng, who is also a senior researcher at the University of Nairobi, explained that four regulations that implement the Biosafety Act have been gazetted to guarantee compliance with all the requirements in testing GM crops in the field. 

"GMOs are monitored from development to consumption, and the National Biosafety Authority has inspectors in all key areas such as ports of entry, field trials, and along product value chains to ensure compliance. Further, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has developed a standard for market surveillance to reinforce efforts on compliance," he said. 

During the International Agri-biotech and Biosafety Communication Conference held in Nairobi on April 12-14, ISAAA AfriCenter Director Margaret Karembu stressed that reputable international organizations such as the European Commission, the US National Academy of Sciences and the World Health Organization have assessed biotech crops and found them to be safe and helpful in attaining global food security. 

The original article is available at Standard Media.