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Upland Cotton Genome Decoded

April 22, 2015

Upland cotton is one of the most important crops in the fiber industry. Developing new varieties of upland cotton poses challenges due to the crop's complexity. In a study conducted by an international team led by Tianzhen Zhang from Nanjing Agricultural University in China, the genome sequence of upland cotton was drafted.

The draft sequence of upland cotton genome was decoded by employing whole-genome shotgun reads, bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-end sequences and genotype-by-sequencing maps. These methods identified the A-subgenome genes and D-subgenome genes and the presence of asymmetric evolution between them. Findings further reveal that A-subgenome genes are associated for fiber improvement while D-subgenome genes for stress tolerance. This will be helpful in future breeding of cotton for superior lines.

Read full details of the study at Nature Biotechnology's website.