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Scientists Reveal Nutrient Transporter Patterns in Plants

April 22, 2015

Scientists at John Innes Centre and University of Tokyo released the results of their study that challenged the current understanding of how plants absorb nutrients through their roots. It has been a general knowledge that nutrients are transported from the roots to the other parts of the plant, wherein the roots act like simple sponges. However, the new study elucidated that certain sections of the root have specific functions in nutrient uptake to ensure optimal plant growth and development.

The study found that there is complex transport of boron through the root caused by the positioning and polarity of boron transporters on the root. The researchers modeled the location of these transporters as they occurred in the root, and could precisely predict concentrations of boron across the root of a live plant. They also revealed that boron uptake at the tip supports the continued growth of the root itself, while uptake in other sections of the root support the growth of the plant.

Results of the study can be used by researchers in developing plants which absorb more or less of specific nutrients from the soil depending on the environmental conditions of a particular location.

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