Biotech Updates

Button Mushroom, Improvements and Protection

December 3, 2014

A group of researchers from the Plant Research Institute of Wageningen UR Plant Breeding plans to develop a more resistant button mushroom variety. Over the past years, creating new varieties of mushroom has been done by improving and making little changes in the first hybrid mushroom. This improvement somehow improves the quality and yield of button mushroom, however, similarities in taste and appearance as well as occurrence of diseases is evident.

The Wageningen researchers suggest the use of fertile single spores in developing new varieties of button mushroom. The use of this modification in breeding button mushroom will help in inserting a new trait obtained from a wild strain variety requiring lesser time and investment. In line with this,  the researchers created a position paper  to address the issue of the need for this technology as well as the support needed for improving and protecting developed mushroom varieties.

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